Gone Crabbing is a privately owned small business, created some 12 years ago, with a view to servicing the Norfolk tourist industry. The business has grown enormously over the interim period and has a range of products which are being sold around the country.

Susie Mason, Gone Crabbing’s founder, is a committed environmentalist and conservationist – those values have been translated across from her private life into her business. The business is run from her new home thereby minimising carbon footprint and wherever possible we endeavour to source our products within the UK both from a quality aspect and from an employment standard perspective. Where this is not possible we would source only from ethically sound trading organisations.

We are thrilled that we have been able to source UK manufactured and printed kitchenware. Our supplier is based in the East of England and has a sound ethical and environmental policy; in particular they use only water based inks in their printing process and won BT’s Deaf Employer of the Year in 1994. They also only source their cotton from mills that are child labour free and where employment standards are high.

The majority of our clothing is made for us in Turkey by a member of the Fair Wear Foundation whose aim is to improve labour conditions in the garment industry worldwide. On the top of our manufacturer’s agenda is social responsibility – being a member of the Foundation sends out a clear message that they are serious about implementing and improving their workplace.

In 2011 all new cards and envelopes will be made from recycled material.

We will continue to source ethically sound suppliers whilst in the meantime minimising our impact on the environment through our carbon footprint and our tireless efforts to recycle wherever possible.

January 2011