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Welcome to Gone Crabbing

We know our weather here in the British Isles can be a bit dodgy, but we believe there is no better place to spend time than on one of our beautiful beaches.

In the winter go and get blown away with the dog on a Sunday afternoon beach hike and in the summer there's all the fun of Dad supervising digging the trench to the sea, Mum getting out the picnic (nothing better than sand in your sandwiches), jumping waves, dogs barking at everyone who passes and time spent tempting all those little crabs with a bit of bacon.  A day on the beach ends in fun fair rides and a fish n' chip tea.  So what if occasionally rain strikes - just put up your umbrella, hide behind your windbreak and open up that flask of tea!

Do take a look at our range of clothing and giftware - it's all about being British and loving our coastline - we have something for everyone - but if you want help choosing then ring our Norfolk shop on 01485 211111 or if you want to visit a stockist then have a look on our Stockists page to find your nearest one.

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